APAC (Associació de Professors i Professores d'Anglès de Catalunya) was founded on 12th December, 1986. It is open to all teaching professionals. APAC offers virtual meeting points through this website, our magazine, forums, facebook and twitter, plus a real meeting place between people with the same interests at the APAC annual Congress. (Versió catalana)

The main goal of the Association of teachers of English in Catalonia (APAC) is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information among teaching professionals.

Members of APAC receive two issues per year of the Association’s Journal, which contains articles relating to the teaching of foreign languages, classroom activities, and information on teaching workshops, conventions and publications, such as the Convention which is held on a yearly basis in Barcelona.

Since 1996, APAC members also receive free of charge a biannual Monograph on theoretical issues related to the teaching of English. Issues tackled in the Monographs range from CLIL to Technology, and from Assessment to Early learning.

APAC’s ELT Convention offers the possibility of attending lectures and participating in workshops focusing on the teaching of English. Those attending the Convention receive a certificate endorsed by both APAC and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, which kindly offers its premises.  APAC members get a discount on the conference registration fee.

APAC also collaborates in the organisation of other pedagogical activities aimed at other associations throughout Catalonia.

With the collaboration of other institutions (the General Directorate for Linguistic Policy, the British Council, the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Pompeu Fabra University), APAC organises a competition for the John McDowell Award.

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