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February 2017_ Number 84

Editor’s Note

Letter from the President

Reading in Pairs Programme: How Students Can Improve EFL by Working Cooperatively, by Maite Oller Sánchez

It’s Your English!, by Eve Schnitzer

From Socrates to Sugata Mitra: A Dialogue with Digital Natives. Part 2 – A Critical Response to Digital Technology in Education, by Luke Prodromou

From Socrates to Sugata Mitra: A Dialogue with Digital Natives. Part 3 – A Personal Meditation, by Luke Prodromou

Land of Volcanoes, by Ana Guarinos

The Elephants in Our Classroom, by Ian Gibbs

A Journal of Teaching and Learning in a Multi-Cultural School in Thessaloniki by Vasiliki Sarantidou





October 2016_ Number 83

Editor’s Note

Opening Speech by APAC President, Miquel Berga
APAC - British Council John McDowell Award 2016

John McDowell Award: Projects Winning an Award or an Honourable Mention:

A Reflection on ELT Based on the Cinderella Aspect of English Teaching & Learning: PRONUNCIATION, by Carme Santamaria

2016 Convention Assessment


2017 APAC-ELT Convention: Teaching English… What Else?



Macbeth: How to Get ESO and Batxillerat Students Interested in a Classic,

by María José García Ruíz and Mireia Xortó Prados



Project-Based Learning: by Carmen Escorcia and Sinéad McLoughlin



From Socrates to Sugata Mitra: A Dialogue with Digital Natives. by Luke Prodromou



Fun Drills and Dot-Joining Skills, by David C. B. Wells



Playing and Learning with Socrative and Kahoot, by Fernando Romeu Esquerré



How to Help Primary Children Speak English with Confidence, by Inès Rosado Valdivia



Flipped, blended and the Use of ICTs in K-12 (Art History), by Manel Trenchs i Mola



“Just Like a Movie”, by J. L. Bartolomé




January 2016_ Number 82

Multilingualism in Catalan Secondary Schools: An Exploration of

Language Practices and Challenges,  by Mireia Trenchs-Parera

In a Real Job: Teaching English in Vocational Learning,by Tònia Cladera Bohigas

My Diary, by Irene Roquet

Fictitious Emails and Their Use As a Motivational Strategy,

by Julie Waddington and Yasmina El Bakouri El Farri

Recipes for Creative Writing, by Kirk Moore

Keep It Up (Or Making Motivation Last), by Usoa Sol

Motivation through Pronunciation, by Maria del Mar Rodríguez Sánchezand Carmen Santamaría Pena

Improving Secondary Students’ Writing in English throughFeedback, by Nuria de Salvador and Nuria Juan

Managing Conflict in Your Classroom, by Tom Maguire




October 2015_ Number 81

Opening Speech by APAC President, Miquel Berga

APAC – British Council John McDowell Award 2014

2015 Convention Assessment 

Review of APAC’s Show & Tell Poster Session 2015

Tweet Summary of the 2015 APAC ELT Convention

2016 APAC – ELT Convention: 30 Years Connecting the Dots 

Put a Bounce in Your Teaching, by Anna Cole

The Dynamics of Motivation: Critical Thinking, by Núria García Flor and Trini Ureña Mora

Analog Techniques for Addressing Digital-Age ESOL Issues, by  Alena N. Widows

Flying Voices. Multilingual Testimony: When Diversity Becomes

Identity, by M. Carme Carbonell Benet

Shall We Rap? by Núria Medina Casanovas

The Greek Crisis, by Luke Prodromou




February 2015_ Number 80



APAC-2014 Roundtable

Transition: Continuity or a Fresh Start? by Carme Muñoz, Elsa Tragant and Marisa Camuñas 

The Importance of Comunity in Distance Learning by Donna Lee Fields 

My Vegetable Garden (Escola Els Estanys de Sils)  by Sònia Marcos Bou and Carme Dilmé Burjats

MI in the Preschool Foreign Language Class by Vicky Casch

Let’s Play with the Nutrition Function by Anna Araceli Guarinos

Humanising Translation Activies: Tackling a Secret Practice1 by Maria González Davies

Families and Public Education: the multiple impacts of participation by Annie Kidder 

How can we Build Student Engagement and an Educational Community? by Valerie Hannon




October 2014_ Number 79

ELT CONVENTION 2014. Proceedings part I

APAC assessment ELT-Convention 2014

APAC British Council-John McDowell Award

Where Is Comenius? Reflections on Language Learning and Technology by Dr Lid King

Motivate first; then teach by Xavier Martín-Rubio

Charisma: The Art of Classroom Relationships by Tom Maguire

Successful Belief Change in the Classroom by Nur Garriga

24/7 Speaking Resources by Christine Appel and Jackie Robbins

An Intensive Reading/Listening Program in the Primary School Classroom by Elsa Tragant, Carme Muñoz, Melissa Cokely

Audiovisuals in Action: Engaging Young Generations by Nicolás Brando

Creating, The Way to Learn by Ricard Garcia

Learning Needn't Hurt: Bridging the Generation Gap with Tablets in Primary Classrooms and between Teachers by Dorothea Fuchs Wyder

Anglès per à catalonoparlants – Utilitzant el català per a facilitar l’aprenentatge de l’anglès by L Hevley

Using the Learners’ L1 in the Classroom: Th e Bilingual Method by Michael Lalremtluanga

Videotelling by Jamie Keddie

Using Moving Images to Help Students Learn Vocabulary by Kieran Donaghy

Once Upon A Time: Storytelling, Projects and Multiple Intelligences in the Pre-Primary EFL Classroom by Irene Roquet Arboix

Preschool Physical Education Games in English. My Experience at Lanaspa-Giralt School (Terrassa) by Elena Xampeny




February 2014_ Number 78

Let's talk about our town and present it to the World, by M.L. Forjan & V. Sánchez

Upgrade your lessons and improve your communication skills. by M.L. Forjan & V. Sánchez  

Speak, Record and Share our English in the Blog, by Oscar del Estal

Making the most of our CLIL lessons, by J. Fusté & C. Santamaria

Innovative reaching methods to help make the English class more entertaining. by A. Román, D. Mendez & A. Diaz-Pavón

Having fun while learning English at IES Villadecavalls. by A. Román, D. Mendez & A. Diaz-Pavón

Becoming little scientists. by M.Dooly, M.Mont & D. Massats

The use of Prezi for storytelling. by E.A. Lockhart

Nothing. Just games. by C. Ibañez

Engaging learners with special education needs. by Romulo Neves

The Value of English culture. by C. Wilson


A paradigm shift: questioning the global educational reform movement. by Yong Zhao

The future of teaching. by J. Macbeath

Taking a teenangle on task design. by C. Roland

Competencial benefits of a linguistic and cultural exchange. by C. Mallol




October 2013_ Number 77

ELT CONVENTION 2013 – Proceedings, Part I

ELT Convention 2013. Opening Ceremony

ELT Convention 2013. Asssessment 

APAC- British Council John McDowell Award 2013 

APAC Roundtable 2013 

Shakesperare’s Unruly Women by L.Prodromou 

The Price and Value of Education. A Dickensian Approach By L.Prodromou 

Value Added English Learning for Personal-Social-Global Purposes by Tim Murphy 

The Values of Englishes by  David Block

Brain-based Learning Revisited by Geraldine Laboria 

A Map of ELT by Mark Hancock 

Going for 90% by Ann Dwyer 

CLUC: The Catalan Universities’ New English Language

Certificate by Sònia Prats

Perspective Transformation in the ICT aided English

Language Classroom by Noureddine Azmi 

Anglès a la Formació Professional by D.Bernard Vilamitjana



October 2012_ Number 76

ELT CONVENTION 2012 – Proceedings, Part II

Box of Tricks. A Troubleshooting Guide to Combating Restlessness and De-motivation in the Primary ELT Classroom. Caroline Nixon

Let’s English, for the Fun of it! Maria de Mir Ferrer

Physical Education in CLIL: Enhancing Language through Meaningful Use and Interaction. Josep Coral

Tailoring Tasks for Teens. Chris Roland

Formative Assessment Using Collective Portfolios. Núria Salvadó

Differentiated Learning. Liam Fitzpatrick

"Joining Hands”, A Global Approach to English. Carme Oller


Foreign Language Teaching at University and the Challenge of Multilingualism in Europe. Angel Raluy and Anna Vallbona

Motivating Teenagers: Some Chalk and Talk Ideas. Usoa Sol

Interactive Notebooks: Practical Applications for the TEFL Classroom. Maggie Stuhan

Celebrating Dickens. José Luis Bartolomé and the EOI Figueres English Department



October 2012_ Number 75

 C o n t e n t s

APAC-ELT Convention 2012. OPENING …….                                                      

APAC-ELT Convention 2012 . ASSESSMENT                                   

 APAC- British Council John McDowell Award                                    

 Premi Excel.lència Docent                                                                         

 APAC 2012 Round Table                                                                         

 Interview. A.Aguilar and N.Serra talk to Penny Ur                                     

 Penny Ur. Teaching Mixed Level Classes                                                 

 N.Figueras and A. Oliva interview David Block                                           

 Adrian Underhill. From Teacher to Facilitator                                           

 Adrian Underhill. Making pronunciation Physical, Visible, Audible            

 Liam Fitzpatrick. Boosting Brain Power                                                       

 Jill Simon Auerbach. A Community of Readers                                             

 James McCullough. Making Pronunciation Less “ Liquid”                          

 A. Oliva and M.L. Walsh. A Survival Kit for CLIL                                       

 V. Reis. Strategies for Teaching and Motivating Difficult Students             

 R Garcia  Writing 2.0 Tools: Get Creative and Motivated                            

 Chris Roland. Talking About Discipline                                          

 A. Nieto. Three Films Your Students Might Like                                           



February 2012_ Number 74


APAC  E L T   C O N V E N T I O N  2011

 Language Learning and Language Using : Towards Dialogical Classrooms By Do Coyle

Motivating your Students: A 10-Step Guide  By Hugh Dellar

 Does a Good Recipe Make a Good Cook? By Susan Dreger

 When I Grow Up I Want to be a Teacher By Maria José Lobo

 Content-Rich Language Learning in Content-Rich Classrooms By Cristina Escobar

 CLIL vs Content-Rich Language Learning. What Exactly I am Doing Here? By Núria Pélaez  and Elizabeth Eixarch

 My School Musical. How Motivation Makes a project   By Anna Maria Fuentes

 Motivating 21st. Century Learners: Web Tools and Wikis for the EFL Class By Usoa Sol

 Everyday routines in “ Educació Infantil” by Carme Dilmé and Sónia Marcos


Beaver Technology Center: Technology Integrated in the Classroom  By Montserrat Cortés

Teaching the Pragmatics Features of Intonation in the EFL Classroom. By Judith Fusté Farga

Who’s the Murderer?  A Whole Year Problem.Based and Project-Based Learning . By Eva Hugas

 From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 : The Transition By Cristina Mallol



October 2011_ Number 73




APAC-John McDowell 2011

Opening lecture APAC 2011 by Luke Prodromu


Light up your classes with a bit of Lit. with a bit of Lit by A. Fernàndez

The foreign language classroom by V. Goitia and C.Sugranyes

I’ll definitely try that in my primary class by C.Roland

Is that really wrong? English Grammar today by L.Peterson

Collaborative language activities using Wikis by I.Higueras, A. López And S. Milian

Teaching English in a global context by E. Llurda

The pedagogical value of re-writing by M. Irún

Re-writing and its pedagogical value by M. Irún



June 2011_ Number 72

Letter from the president 


 APAC-ELT CONVENTION 2011. Assessment 


 INTERVIEWS:  Barry Lynam 

 INTERVIEWS : Luke Prodromou


 Only Connect : Teaching from Socrates to Cyberspace by Luke Prodromou 

 Teaching Interjections to Young Adult Learners  by José Luis Bartolomé 

 Does Content and Language Integrated Learning and Teaching have a future in our schools? By Teresa Navés

 Developing O’Clils with Very Young Learners  By C. Flores and C. Corcoll


 Why the book “ Media and Multicultural Education : Having Fun with the Key Competences”

 Guided Error Correction 



February 2011_ Number 71

Letter from the president


Reg and Lellow  by Chris Roland

Practical Grammar Activities by Ceri Jones


A Digital Toolbox for Secondary Teachers  by David Holmes

Sporting Shakespeare by José Luis Bartolomé

Emotional Literacy by Tom Maguire

Creativity in Class: Mission impossible? By Mireia Font

Teaching Young Learners Through Stories  by Ntinou Loukia

 The English Show by Olot Secondary School Teachers.

 Round Table on Classroom Management by A.Aguilar, C.Casanovas, P.Escriche and E.Font

Webcasting in the EFL Classroom by CristinaArnau.



October 2010_ Number 70

APAC Website Update

APAC 25 Years : Motivating teachers, motivating students

APAC-John McDowell Award 2010

Writing it Backwards: Professor John McRae 

Assemblea Annual de socis


Roundtable on classroom management   

See what I have done, Mum! And all by myself! By Ricard Garcia 

Stuff for teens of all levels by Chris Roland   

Why speaking English to your students matters by Michael Hall  


Competences. Helpful for learners? Stressful for teachers? By Cristina Mallol   

Problem-based learning in the classroom by Núria Plantalech 

To finish or not to finish the textbook by Josie Pont

Six high schools with outstanding results in the PAU by Elsa Tragant et al.



June 2010_ Number 69


Opening Speech

APAC-John McDowell Award

ELT Convention 2010. Assessment

The Britlit Project

What is Grammar? by Michael Swan

Ana Aguilar interviews Mary Slattery

Practical English: Building the New Generation of Europeans by Xelo Fornés

New Ways of Using Songs in the Classroom by Joseph Suller


From Global Understanding to Content Learning by I. Delgado and E. Sell

Skype in the Classroom by Cristina Arnau Vilà

An e-Twinning Experience by Ana Leal

A Few Thoughts on TEFL and Key Competences by E.Buck

The Swing in the Tale by Núria Casals.




January 2010_ Number 68


 Making the Most of Technology  by Gordon Lewis

 What’s in a Picture Book by Sandie Mourao

 Traditional ELT Versus CLIL: Mind the Gap! By Salvador Rodriguez Almendros


 ADA , an Eclectic Approach to FLT by Cristina Mallol

 Talking About Feelings by Carmina Martí

 Making the Most of Movie Tracks and Trailers by José Luis Bartolomé

 Working Out the European Puzzle by Pilar Pérez and Mònica Villanueva

 “One Step for Peace” by E.Hugas, L.Montaner, R.Saló and T. Torrabadell

 Building Your Syllabus for “ Oposiciones”? by Ingrid Lorenzo




October 09_ Number 67


  • Usage Guides: What are they for? Who are they for? by Michael Swan
  • Listening Strategies for the Digital Age by Michael Harris
  • Creating a New “BLEND “ Using Wikis by Susan Dregger
  • What do I do with them? Ideas from “ Teaching Low Level Teens/ESO Students” by Chris Roland.



  • Granada - The Hay Festival by Ann Fernandez Vidaurreta
  • Testing: a Blessing or a Curse?   by Carme Roig Papiol
  • One Year and Still Teaching ¡ by Lianne Ross
  • Interactive Groups in the English Classroom by M. Goretti Blanch
  • An Approach to Extensive Reading by Joana Angrill
  • Britlit : by Laura Nogués


  • How to Teach English with Technology by Gavin Dudeney and Nicky Hockly . Reviewed by Sònia Guilana?


June 09_ Number 66

ELT    Convention

  •  APAC roundtable 2009    by Tom Maguire
  •  Interactive Reading for Longer Texts by Joe Mckenna
  •  How to be a successful e-learning teacher by Jeff Judge
  •  Developing Intercultural Competence by Maria González-Davies
  •  Additional Language Acquisition at Infant School by Cristina Corcoll and Carme Flores


  • Social Learning in Web 2.0 by Sònia Guilana
  • Junk Food by Belen Sotos
  • The Power of Image by Ben Goldstein


  • Working with Images , reviewed by Josep Sala
  • Survival Handbook reviewed by Neus Serra




February 09_ Number 65

  • What are we going to do at school today? Teaching through English in infant education. By Jane Cadwaller
  • Trilingualism in Catalan Schools and Universities? Not yet. By Elsa Tragant
  • How could you now be more satisfied with your level of English? By Caterina Casanovas
  • Video Games in Education and Language Learning.By Joana Angril
  • English Vocabulary Teaching and Learning Strategies in Secondary Education. By Maria C. Garcia Herrero
  • Musings on the Topic of Behavious. By Barbara Leonard
  • Food 4U. By Mariona Sanchez




October 08_ Number 64


  • Collocations in General and Specialised Register of English by Michael McCarthy
  • Making the Leap from Grammar to Lexis by Hugh Dellar
  • Surviving Culture Shock in the Classroom by F. Pearson, N.Vidal, M.Burrell, R.Alonso and M.Olmedo
  • Developing Oral Skills at Primary Level Through Authentic Materials and ICT Sources by Yolanda Scott-Tennent
  • Humour Us Please : A look at the productive use of humour in the classroom by Michael Tomlinson
  • Every Picture Tells a Story by Brian Brennan
  • English as an International Language: Teaching, Learning and Using EIL by Eve Schnitzer



  •  The Experience of Language Teaching by Rose M. Senior ( reviewed by Joseph Sala)



June 08 _ Number 63

    • APAC Conference Video: Opening Session  by David Graddol
    • APAC's 2008 Round table
    • Synthetic phonics to the Rescue by Inés Delgado-Echagüe Sell
    • Developing an Innovative Test of Academic English by John De Long
    • Integrating ICT into Daily Teaching by Fernando Romeu 1  2 (for ipod, right click)
    • I am not a Tabula Rasa by Joshua Goldsmith
    • Read the Book Watch the film by Marta Pérez
    • Fun Activities for Primary Level by Chris Roland


    • CLIL for Progress in English Language Learning




January 08 _ Number 62

    • How We Think Young Learners Learn Languages by Annie Hugues
    • Dare Foreign Language Teachers Use Translation? By M.Gonzàlez Davies
    • Please, Please, Please Speak to me by Geraldine Laboria
    • An Exciting Challenge : Seeds  by Aïda Micó and Sònia Marcos
    • Learning to Learn: Teachers Reflecting, Students Reflecting by Leslie Bobb Wolff
    • The 6th Skill: Information Technology Competence by Angrill Farreny
    • A “ How to .......” Guide to Drawing Up a Course Plan for the " Oposicions!" by O.Pallarés, M. Julià and A.Antorán.
    • From Curiosity to Full Awareness by Josie Pont
    • Watching the English by Kate Fox. Reviewed by B. Batalla
    • Dealing With Difficulties by Luke Prodromou and Lindsay Clanfield. Reviewed by N.Serra




September _ 07   Number 61

  • The Craft of Writing Poetry by A. Wright
  • Humpty Dumpty's Leap by D. Estrada
  • How to Plan for the Oposiciones by A. Antorán et al.
  • A Content at IES Icaria by M. Rosa Batlle
  • Nueva Perspectives en la Formación de Profesores de Lenguas: hacia la Pràctica Reflexiva by Olga Esteve
  • An Interview with Dr. Krashen.
  • ELT Convention 2007 papers




June 07   _ Number 60

  • Spoken Grammars, Written Grammars by Ron Carter
  • Speech impaired or just uninspired by Y. Scott-Tennent
  • The Creative Classroom by C. Graham
  • Poems to read, sing and rap! by C. Ferrades- Moi & Levi Tafari
  • Developing Changes and Forwad-Error Corrections in Batxillerat Contexts
  • Around the World in Ten Tintin Books and Eighty Questions by J.L. Bartolome
  • ELT Convention report




January 07 _ Number 59


  • Dublín. TEFL: A polemic. (Catalonia Today).
  • African or Asian elephants? Reflections on diversity for Digital Age Teachers. By Neus Lorenzo
  • Reflecting Teaching: Insights on Practice. By Eva Romo and Sònia Guilana
  • Not Only Tea ... With the Help of ICT. By Sara Martín Diez
  • Us and Them. By Michael Lord
  • Multiculturalism in the Secondary English Classroom. By Paloma Sarbadhikari
  • Ebony and Ivory. By Alicia Gala
  • Making the Most of Set Readings: Working With Nick Hornby's. About A Boy. By Fernando Romeu
  • eTwinning y Competencias Clave. By Núria Salvador
  • BritLit-Literature for Language Learning. A Joint British Council. APPI Project in Portugal



October 2006 _ Number 58


  • The Making of a Great Teacher. By P. McConochie
  • Improving Speaking. By Simon T. Harris
  • The Intelligent Purpose Behind the Lesson Planning. By A.L. Rodríguez
  • Teachers Listening To Teachers. By Edelstein, Catalan, King, Martínez and Regojo


  • Meeting the Challenge of Being a Witch. By M. González and C. Miralles
  • Immigration, Xenophobia and Old Pop Songs. By J.L. Bartolomé
  • Proposals For English Teaching. By J. Martorell
  • Fostering E-learning Through MODLE. By J. Angrill
  • Project Work. By S. Montaner
  • Breaking Down Barriers. By N. Lauder


  • An Integrated Approach to Teaching Literature in the EFL Classroom. By C. Savvidou


June 06 _ Number 57


  • Dublín. A Tale of Two Cities. By Colm Tóibín
  • Videoconferencing for Learning a Modern Language In Primary Schools. By Magdalen Phillips
  • Much Ado about Something: ELT in Secondary Education. APAC Round Table
  • Videos on the Internet. By Josep Suller
  • Using Audiovisuals to Exploit Grammar. By Yolanda. Scott-Tennent.


  • Beehive: A Multicultural Collaborative Virtual Project between Finland and Catalonia. By Sonia Jiménez
  • A Didactic Walk around The Blackwater Lightship. By Estefania Castillo.
  • How to Help a Reader to Work with a Text. By Danut Furszpaniak


  • Making the Transition to Effective Self-Access Listening. By Mike Cutting


  • Learning Teaching. By Jim Scrivener. Reviewed by Neus Serra


January 06 _ Number 56


  • Hotel Hamlet and Mosaic Media. By Graham Reid (full article not available)
  • Visualizing Grammar. By M. José Sánchez (full article not available)

CONTRIBUTIONS (Click on the Title to download the article)


  • La Reflexió sobre la Llengua i la Comunicació en l'Aprenentatge de Llengües. By C. Escobar, J.M. Cots, O. Esteve, M. Irun i D. Masats. (full article not available)



September 05 _ Number 55


  • A Quest throught the Web
  • The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • Don Quixot a la Literatura Anglesa


  • The Book, Democracy and the European Language Portfolio
  • APAC Round Table: The European Language Portfolio
  • Can do Grammar Cubes
  • The Six Short Films Project (Star and Powder Keg)
  • Reading Aloud: An Essential Teacher Skill


  • EFL at the Gate: The Position of English as a Lilngua Franca
    N. Serra interviews Paul Seligson
    The Internet Reviewed. By Fernando Rome


June 05 _ Numer 54


  • CLIL Online: From Theory to Practice


  • Trust your instincts: The Virtues of Spontaneity and Personalisation
  • Bridging the Gap between Monolingual and Bilingual Dictionaries
  • The Six Short Film Project
  • Classroom Management

Exploring Multiculturalism through the Movies

A. Aguilar interviews Tom Maguire

Vocabulary activities. By Mary Slatter


January 05 _ Number 53

Living your Life in " ing-lish" . By J.L. Bartolomé

ELT 2005

  • The Rhetoric of Persuasion and the Forum Scene of Shakespeare's Juluis Caesar. By Gert Ronberg
  • Being Conscious of Curricular implications when Working with Stories. By J.L. Vera
  • Discourse and Racism in Spain. By Teun A. Van Dijk
  • Giving Oral Presentations at the Computer Age. By A. Curado.

The Richness of Hindu Culture. By M. Blasco Llopis

A. Aguilar interviews Scott Thornbury


  • Uncovering Grammar. Scott Thornbury
  • Who Pays the Ferryman? J. L. Bartolomé


October 2004 _ Number 52


We are pleased to offer you in .zip the first 50 back issues of the APAC magazine

They are chock full of articles by some of the most relevant ELT experts that have gathered at our Congresses, as well as practical lesson plans from grassroots teachers.