Collaborative mindmapping
ELT & Premier skills
Basic wordlist for kids
40 uses for Smartphones in School
150 Phrasal verbs with translation
ELT pix Free ELT pix

Voicing & revoicing clips
Language in use
Create your own Comic Strip
Vocabulary practice
Spelling stories for kids
Add a photo caption
30 writing ideas
Printable writing prompts
Improve your writing
Create your own interactive stories
Online Mag for ESL learners

Writing Practice: Beginners & Revision

Do it yourself: interactive posters
Writing games for kids
Writing for All
Create an online Journal
Teacher Forums
School radio: a webquest
Prompts to write a short story.
Spelling bee contest
Create your own online class
Interactive writing

Read and write stories

Instant poetry creator.

Descriptive writing

329 ideas for writing

Creative writing prompts: using serendipity and creativity to write.

Classroom Portfolios in action Three ESO1 classes blog their interactive portfolios.

Fun writing: you provide information the programme writes the story.(ESO)

Create your own brochure, newspaper, flyer, booklet

Cooperative webased correction to  progress  with  writing  skills. (Adults)

Free download to enable user  friendly  webquest writing.

Pupils can write short scripts for their own movie clip. (Primary & ESO)  

    Easy to use blog space. (All)

Penpals / Keypals to write to (Primary + ESO)

Ready-to-use worksheet prompts for essays (ESO)

A host of guided writing activities (ESO)